Ways to Volunteer at ASPSF

Do you believe in the power of education? Do you have a passion for ending poverty?

At Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund, we help thousands of low-income single parents pursue higher education and successfully move from a place of poverty to a place of prosperity.

We’re working to build a team of dedicated volunteers to serve single-parent students and support the ASPSF mission. With more than 100 ways to volunteer, there’s a place for everyone on the ASPSF team.


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Volunteer Opportunities in Arkansas


Volunteers evaluate scholarship applications from single parents in their area, checking to ensure students meet eligibility criteria and have submitted all required documents. Volunteers may follow up with applicants regarding supporting documentation and may identify discussion points for interviews.


Estimated Time Commitment: Depending on the number of applicants, 2-6 hours per semester, including training.


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Volunteers meet with student applicants, encouraging them in their endeavors and learning about the individuals’ aspirations, level of commitment and academic history. Interviewers may also offer support to students by sharing information about additional scholarship opportunities or making other resource referrals.


Estimated Time Commitment: 1-1.5 hours per semester.


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There are a number of ways volunteers can help celebrate our students at award ceremonies, including welcoming students and families, announcing scholarship recipients, taking photos, or assisting with set up and clean up.


Estimated Time Commitment: 1-1.5 hours per semester.


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Many of our recipients have been out of school for several years and would benefit from a tutor to help them with complex subjects. Tutors for algebra, science, and college-level reading/writing are especially valuable since many students struggle in those areas.

Mentors are valuable cheerleaders for our students and assist with myriad issues - encouraging them, connecting them to other needed services, and reminding recipients that they CAN accomplish their dreams.

You might even mentor a student studying to work in your same field, let them shadow you at work, give them tips on what the job market is like and who is hiring, then help them to know what electives are most helpful, even help them prepare for interviews.


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ASPSF invites volunteers to assist with student workshops aimed at teaching professional and personal skills including resume writing, employment skills, personal budgeting, frugal meal planning and much more.

Student programming helps our scholarship recipients to prepare for professional employment, excel in their new careers and adjust to the new financial situation in which they find themselves. Volunteers may help by presenting material or recruiting qualified presenters, assisting with event arrangements, publicizing workshops to encourage attendance or participating in set up and clean up.


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Volunteers help secure support for ASPSF by assisting with mail-outs, writing grants, planning fundraising events and much more. Volunteers may also assist with donor stewardship by making calls or mailing thank you notes.


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Volunteers contribute their time and talent to further state and local communications efforts. Communication needs include photography, graphic design, social media management, story writing, public speaking, community outreach, and publicity assistance.


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Low-income single parents can often benefit from donated or low-cost legal assistance. Qualified volunteers may offer support with divorce filings, expungement, and fine negotiations.


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Just like any profession, there’s no end of admin work in nonprofits. We can use help with data entry, creative work, correspondence, etc. You can help us to:

  • Prepare lists of registered guests for check-in at an event
  • Do a mail merge for a letter campaign
  • Create bid sheets for a silent auction or enter student data
  • More administrative tasks


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Having a paid Data Science team is often a luxury for nonprofits, yet we understand that data can help us prove our mission works. There is a growing demand for nonprofits to give concrete evidence of their impact.

We believe ASPSF’s data set may be usable in many cross-sections of research studies and human services. Your data expertise will impact all areas of ASPSF’s operations, helping us become a more impactful and agile organization.


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And So Much More!

If you have a heart for our mission, we have a place for you at ASPSF! Whether you see something you would like to help with, or you have a talent that isn’t listed above, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us to get started!


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