What Students Think

The Single Parent Scholarship helped me out so much. It allowed me to purchase textbooks and care for my son in preschool. I was also able to buy a computer and a fax machine that has helped me tremendously. This program really helps single parents build a better life for us and our loved ones.

Dona, ASPSF Alumni
Done Ball Graduation Ceremony

The Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship helped me purchase supplies for projects throughout the year and pay additional fees for art classes that aren’t covered by other financial aid. With the help of ASPSF, I’m looking forward to helping kid’s creativity blossom. I can’t wait to be in the classroom!

Candace, Art Education Major and ASPSF Recipient
Candance McJunkin Award Ceremony

There were times for my family that this scholarship bought groceries or bought gas so that I could get to work. Mentally, it’s been really tough sometimes. But getting my education has allowed me – in the little ways that we can as parents – to tip the balance in their favor.

CJ, ASPSF Alumni
CJ Summerville Graduation Ceremony

“She says, ‘I’m going to be a doctor like my mommy.” She definitely understands what I’m doing. The scholarship was a very big help financially! And ASPSF helped me emotionally, as well. It’s so nice to feel like you have somebody there rooting for you.

Bria, ASPSF Alumni
Bria Hazel Future Doctor

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