Sustaining the Dream 2007 (PDF)

2003-2006 Student Profiles(PDF)

Generations of Success: Personal Testimonies

Nicole Evans (PDF)

"I see you, I see you up at midnight working on a paper trying to finish a load of laundry so your children will have clean clothes to wear to school. I see that you’re tired and want to give up sometimes. But I also see you smile at your babies and pick yourself up and keep going. We can do this. We deserve this opportunity. Having children didn’t slow us down. Keep going, because I see you."

Amanda Condon (PDF)

"I have told my children since the first day of my college journey that one day they would see the results of my dedication. Though we have low income and I can’t give scholarships to others, I freely offer my knowledge and experience to other students so they too can afford an education and hopefully inspire them that it can be done. And I involve my children in my volunteer service to teach them how small acts of kindness can have such an enormous impact on the lives of others. "

Holly Sutton (PDF)

"I feel empowered in my life by going to college and receiving my degree. I have goals and plans for my life. My son is proud of his mom and I love being a mother. I have recently bought a home and am solely supporting my family."

Jerry Williams (PDF)

"Today, I do what I love – programming massive industrial robots as an Automation Engineer. I shudder to think what our lives would be like today if Single Parent Scholarship Fund hadn’t placed it’s faith in me. This gift has changed my life and Dakota’s life forever."

Amanda Saliba (PDF)

"I was the first in my family to attend a University and, soon, I’ll take an even greater step when I apply to graduate school! I’m inspired to give back to this organization that has helped me to escape from poverty, one that has accepted me, assisted me, and educated me."

Chervelle Warren (PDF)

"I’ve always tried to work during school, especially during summer breaks, and now, with this scholarship, I’ll be able to pursue my degree more efficiently. I’ll be able to take care of my son on my own more independently and give him the kind of life that I never had."

Tanya Binns (PDF)

"I know that my son understands and appreciates my struggle. He has learned that you have to work hard and make sacrifices for what you really believe in. Through this he has learned patience. He is a good boy, turning into a good man, and I am very proud of him and I know he is of me."

Duane Dutka, SPSF Member

"I am a long-time member of the Clay County Single Parent Scholarship Fund and enjoy being the one to present scholarships to our recipients. In December 2015, I spent a week in Piggott Community Hospital with a serious health issue. After my release, I had to go to follow-up appointments twice a day for another week. I received excellent care the entire time. I was especially blessed that three of the people who took care of me in the hospital happened to be three of our scholarship recipients: Andrew Rathel, RN; Briana LaCaze, PCT; and Mia Boren, LPN. While laying in my hospital bed, I thanked God for the Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund."