Federal Reserve Bank of St. LouisBurgundy Book

A quarterly report published by the Federal Reserve detailing data and anecdotal information on economic conditions in Arkansas and neighboring states.

Delta Regional Authority

Today's Delta

This online tool allows researchers to compare indicators across county, state, region, and national levels. This tool is designed to help communities and organizations gain insights to help plan, develop and implement strategies that will meet the ever-present needs of families in the Delta region.

Arkansas Department of Higher EducationArkansas Dept of Higher Education Comprehensive Reports

An annual report of information pertaining to higher education in Arkansas that is submitted by the Department of Higher Education, colleges and universities, agencies, boards, commissions, etc.

U.S. Census Bureau

Profile America: Facts for Features

Collections of statistics from the US Census Bureau's demographic and economic subject areas that pertain to current events and special commemorates, which can be used for writing feature stories.

News Articles

1 in 4 American children raised by single parents (4/27/2011)

Recession piles on single moms. 49.5% are in state’s poverty ranks (10/1/2010) (PDF)

Is college worth it? (10/14/2008)