Meet our staff! We’re passionate about the ASPSF mission and the single-parent students we serve.

Beverly Chapple

Program Manager, Region 4

Abbie Taylor Cox

Development Manager

Michelle Gilbert

Communications Director

Alodia Hankins

Program Manager, Region 2
Ruthanne Hill Image

Ruthanne Hill

Executive Director

Sandy Nelson

Program Manager, Region 8

Pat Schram

Financial Manager

Daphne Scott

Program Manager, Region 9

Kerron Simpson

Program Manager, Region 5

Keisha Smith

Program Manager, Region 10

Wendy Stotts

Program Manager, Region 3

Summer Sullivan

Executive Assistant

Sandra Warren

Program Manager, Region 6

Kim Paul Williams

Program Manager, Region 1

Laura Lee Williard

Program Manager, Region 7

Christina Womack

Information Technology Manager

Tony Thomas

President-Elect/Vice President , Executive Director, Crowley's Ridge Development Council


Words from Our Board Members

“This organization is like no other I know. They help families meet their daily, fundamental needs while supporting them as they enhance their potential for the future. ASPSF does truly impactful, amazing work.”

Rocky Parson, Board Member

"I am truly inspired by our students: the obstacles they overcome and the impact their education has on their children. The success rate speaks volumes about the quality of the organization and the approach."

Andrea Dobson, Treasurer