Sewingmachinesplus Helps Arkansas Single Parents Build Life Skills

ASPSF scholarship recipient Tameshia Cornelious of Woodruff County sews her first pillow as her daughter looks on.

Newport, AR, (May 2, 2022) — In Spring 2022 Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund Program Manager Alodia Hankins reached out to SewingMachinesPlus with a unique request to help Single Parent Recipients learn to sew, and they answered by providing sewing machines, rotary cutters, sewing needles, scissors, and an assortment of accessories to help the ASPSF single parents with sewing workshops. This generous donation along with local Volunteers helped to provide a lifelong skill to those who wanted to learn how to sew.

“I want to learn how to sew. This was a request from a scholarship applicant,” Alodia said. “SewingMachinesPlus’s generosity has been amazing: They answered all our needs. Local volunteers provided not only safety and sewing instruction but also added DIY projects that each single parent could do to help them with improving their homes, make curtains, décor, alter their nursing scrubs, and alter their children’s clothing.”

ASPSF Scholarship recipient Adrian Munroe said: “I want to learn to make a quilt for my grandmother. My grandmother is not able teach me; I want to be able create memories with her before it is too late. I want to sew with her and make her proud of me.”

ASPSF scholarship recipientAdrian Munroe of Cleburne County sews her first project.

ASPSF Scholarship recipient, Tamesha Cornelious said: “I always wanted to learn how to sew but never had anyone to teach me. I want to do things for my kids but being able to do this or buy a sewing machine was not something I could do, and this workshop is helping me to learn and helping my children to learn. I just want to say Thank you.”

“Watching the joy our single parents expressed as they sewed their first pillow, first quilt piece, was just amazing and this would not have been possible without the generosity of Sewingmachinesplus” stated Alodia, “Our volunteers work hard to help each of our recipients be successful as students and as a parent. Our wrap-around support includes job and life skills workshops. We have provided workshops for Car Maintenance, Furniture DIY, Job Skills, Budget, Finance, Couponing, and now Sewing. Helping our single parents be successful not only in education but in life is really what this is all about, and our volunteers provide that extra support with the help of donors like SewingMachinesPlus.”

Recipient Dejasia Gist says it the best. “I have always wanted to learn how to sew. I would have liked to sit with my grandma and learn, but that was not possible,” she said. “Today I was able to learn by people that I believe love me just the same as she does. I appreciate all the equipment and tools I have received. Thank you for helping me and my son.”

ASPSF scholarship recipient Dejasia Gist of Jackson County learns to sew her first stitch and her first pillow.

A special thanks also to St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Newport, Cleburne County Library, Ms. Wallisa Brown, and Ms. Viki Wray for your support in providing these workshops to the ASPSF Single Parent Scholarship Recipients in Jackson, Woodruff, Cleburne, and Independence Counties.

For more information, contact Alodia Hankins at (870) 376-4843 or

About Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund: For 30 years, Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund has worked to create stronger, more educated, and more self-sufficient families. ASPSF opens doors for low-income single parents, helping them pursue education, secure employment, and transform the future for their families. With the help of volunteers and community support, ASPSF creates multigenerational change, transforming lives for both single parents, and their children. For information about scholarships, volunteer opportunities, and ways to give, visit

ASPSF scholarship recipient Tina Barnes of Cleburne County sews her first pillow top.

ASPSF scholarship recipient Kaydra Brown enjoys her sewing workshop.

ASPSF scholarship recipient Jennifer learns to thread her sewing machine.

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