ASPSF Celebrates Single Parents in Jackson, Woodruff Counties

Volunteer Katina Biscoe, left, presents a scholarship to Diana Cornelius, a nursing student.

Newport, Ark. (March 22, 2022) — Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund for Jackson and Woodruff counties celebrated the success of the spring scholarship recipients by hosting an awards ceremony and Tips For Renting Workshop at the Methodist Church in Augusta and the ASU Student Services Center in Newport. The programs included family and friends of the Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship recipients awarded. 

Volunteers Viki Wray and Katina Biscoe were on hand to present spring scholarships to Tamesha Cornelious, Kaydra Brown, Dianna Cornelious, Kailee McGhee, Priscilla Boshell, Natasha Pruitt, Dejasia Gist, Melissa Harp, Meghan Smith, Ebone Hoggan, and Jashai Williams. As part of the support provided to single parents by volunteers, Katina Biscoe spoke about empowerment and hope as each of the single parents work toward a successful degree program. Applicants were also engaged in planning future workshops that would benefit them as they work to maintain home, education, and family. 

Spring scholarship recipient Dejasia Gist said: “I am honored and blessed to be a part of the ASPSF family. You all have helped to build me up, to work with my hands, and prosper. You have encouraged me. You have said to me ‘you got this’ when I felt like I did not. The ASPSF has supported me financially to take care of the necessary things that come up, such as gas, childcare, books, supplies, tires, and so much more. Not only that, but the training that I get for free such as car maintenance, couponing, self-care, identity theft, cooking. I am extremely grateful. One morning on my way to school, I had a light come on in my car. It was the tire light. I knew exactly what to do, and I had the tire inflator in my car to air up my tire and make it to school thanks to ASPSF.” 

A local donor also provided pullups for single parents with toddlers. Family members joined in and were treated to a How To Be A Good Tenant Workshop provided by ASPSF volunteers. Focusing on ways to help our single parents be successful by building not only job skills but also life skills, the Jackson and Woodruff volunteers work to provide wraparound support for each single-parent recipient.
About Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund: For 30 years, Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund has worked to create stronger, more educated, and more self-sufficient families. ASPSF opens doors for low-income single parents, helping them pursue education, secure employment, and transform the future for their families. With the help of volunteers and community support, ASPSF creates multigenerational change, transforming lives for both single parents and their children. For information about scholarships, volunteer opportunities, and ways to give, visit

Recipient Kailee McGhee, left, is presented a scholarship by volunteer Vicki Wray.

Recipient Jashai Williams is presented a scholarship by volunteer Vicki Wray.

Recipient Melissa Harp is presented a scholarship by volunteer Vicki Wray.

Recipient Kaydra Brown is presented a scholarship by volunteer Katina Biscoe.

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