Stress Management for Nontraditional Students

Guest Author: Dr. Becky Timmons

Juggling work, family, and school can be daunting at times, especially as a single parent. Check out our tips for dealing with the stress in your life.

Plan for Nutrition. Know what you like to eat, what you should eat, and plan for snacks. Don’t go without eating. Take some time once a week to organize meals and snacks for both you and your family.

Now is a good time to drink water and monitor your caffeine intake. Diet sodas, energy drinks, and fruit juices can add to your stress level. Take a water bottle with you to work, your kids’ activities, and class. Dehydration can increase your stress level. Stay hydrated.

Call on Your Support System - When your stress-level escalates, call on your support team. Identify family, friends, and colleagues that support you when you need it. Don’t be afraid to call on them when necessary and build time into your busy schedule to let off steam.

Make Time to Relax - Multi-tasking can take a toll on your stress level. Give yourself permission to relax. Learn to incorporate relaxing techniques into your daily and weekly schedule.

Go for a stroll; take a yoga class or develop your own breathing exercises; relax in a hot shower; read a book to your children; develop a night-time routine that helps you de-stress; sit up straight. Relaxing will give you perspective.

And, most importantly, remember: Everyone at one time or another feels frazzled. Learn to identify those times and be proactive in dealing with stress. 

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