October Volunteer of the Month - Erin Baker

Erin Travis Baker joined the ASPSF family in 2004 as a board member in Logan County. Erin has served in several capacities throughout her time with ASPSF. She is a key member of the Region 8 team and currently serves on the Region 8 Scholarship Committee. She is also on the fundraising committee which coordinates the annual Logan County Golf Tournament.

Erin has been and continues to be instrumental in implementing the ASPSF 2.0 model. Her wealth of knowledge concerning ASPSF policies and our applicants is invaluable. She knows our students, understands the difficulties they are facing, and does all she can to empower them to reach their goals.

Erin is a go-to volunteer, willing to do whatever needs to be done, to support single parents and the scholarship program. ASPSF is proud to honor Erin Travis Baker as our Region 8 Volunteer of the Month.

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