November Volunteer of the Month Doretta Griffin

Doretta Griffin began serving the single parents of Ashley County as a board member around 2011. As an administrator of Hamburg School District, she wears many hats and is known throughout her community. With the changes made with ASPSF, Doretta continued advocating for the single parents in the area as a volunteer. She values the many benefits of the scholarship and she recruits applicants throughout the year. Ashley County led the region in applications and awardees for the 2019 fall semester!


Doretta is personable and engaging with her fellow volunteers, and enthusiastic about our organization, which makes her a great “ambassador” for the Ashley County single parents! Doretta is also very positive and looks on the bright side of things, which makes the applicants receptive to the services provided by ASPSF. She is always on board to interview applicants and has traveled outside of Ashley County to support the organization. When speaking with our applicants/recipients, she understands the motto of educating, employing, and empowering. As a volunteer, she motivates the applicants with kind words that continue to empower them once they leave her presence.

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