Monticello single mom doesn’t quit on nursing degree

Like so many, Camisha Johnson watched the news when the pandemic rolled in three years ago.

But unlike many, the single mom from Monticello didn’t despair or panic. Instead, watching the health care field step up motivated her to try again to become a nurse.

“The fire in me was reignited. I wanted to help those in need,” she said. “I enrolled back into school with a determination to make it through this time.”

Camisha first applied to nursing school in 2015. Her application was denied, and she was devastated. Seeing the nurses on TV treating those with COVID-19 inspired her. She began her nursing journey anew in August 2021.

But balancing school, work, and two daughters was too much. She failed out of the program, yet she didn’t let that discourage her.

“Sometimes it takes a failure to help you realize how much you want something,” she said, adding that she had another reason to not give up. “My daughter told me that she would be upset if I fail this time. Talk about pressure!”

Camisha waited a year to reapply. During that time, she completed the prerequisites for the registered nursing program and saved money.

Reenrolled, she received financial aid from ASPSF. The single parent scholarship helped her with living expenses and school supplies. ASPSF’s development workshops also gave her tips on how to successfully complete each semester.

Her determination is paying off! Camisha will graduate from the University of Arkansas at Monticello-Crossett College of Technology in a few months with an Associate of General Technology and a Practical Nursing Certificate. Her peers even elected her as the class president. And she has no plan to stop here.

“My ultimate goal is to become an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse with a focus on midwifery,” she said. “I want to make a difference in the lives of other African American women during their birthing process to ensure that we are heard and treated with respect.”

To recognize Camisha’s perseverance, ASPSF has named her as the March 2023 Student of the Month.  Despite the many obstacles she faced, Camisha keeps going. She’s an inspiration to any single parent who is afraid of failing: Believe in yourself, and never quit!  

Posted by Jen Para at 07:39