Celebrating the Life of Co-Founder Ralph Nesson

It is with heavy hearts that we mourn the loss of Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund founder and 23-year director, Ralph Nesson. But today, more than ever, we celebrate his vision and the great contributions he made to our community and our state.


In addition to his service at ASPSF, Ralph was a co-founder of the entire Single Parent Scholarship Fund program, past director of Single Parent Scholarship Fund of Washington County (now SPSF NWA), and most recently, founder and director of NWA Books for Kids.


The lives of tens of thousands of single parents have been transformed since Ralph co-founded the Single Parent Scholarship Fund program. Many more will be changed in the years to come. His vision, leadership and dedication impacted countless lives. His legacy is one of hope.


“As a single parent who benefitted from the ASPSF, thank you, sir. Your legacy lives on and I’m so grateful!” - Leigh Anne Gray


“My son and myself thank you, Mr. Nesson. ASPSF played a role in my success. Your legacy will definitely live on.” - Roxanna Ramey


“In sadness, much respect for this man for the creation of something that has benefitted not only mine but so many families in their success to better themselves.” - Cheryl Lynette Taylor


“His gentle spirit was persistent to ensure that single parents had the opportunity for continuing their education. He changed the trajectory for thousands and he knew the impact of educating single parents would benefit the next generation and beyond.” - Angela Dare Tilley


“What an amazing, wonderful, and visionary leader who impacted so many lives! May God bless his family and all who have been and will be impacted in the future by his dynamic and innovative leadership.” - Dan Newsom


“His efforts to touch the lives of those around him were and will always be the definition of servant leadership. Thank you, Ralph, for being a shining example to all who you impacted, you will be sorely missed by many.” –Greenwood Gearhart Inc. Registered Investment Advisor


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