Celebrating Sharron Bell

We had planned to share the inspirational story of Sharron Bell, an ASPSF scholarship recipient and a proud recent graduate with you all this month. She had achieved her dream, obtained a new degree and landed an exciting new position. Sadly, Sharron passed away last weekend.

As our thoughts and prayers go out to her family, we share her story in celebration of her life and the legacy she created for her daughters.



In 2017 Sharron’s job with Covenant Medical Benefits ended due to the business closing. She knew going to college was an option, but one she would have to think long and hard about. “I had been out of school for over thirty years,” Sharron explained. Ultimately, she decided to pursue a field that had interested her for years. “I wanted to learn more up-to-date computer technology. I am so thankful for making this choice. It has been such a rewarding experience.”

Once Sharron was enrolled in school, she realized there was much to learn outside of her classwork. But, with a little practice, she honed her multi-tasking or organization skills. “I learned how to juggle housework, babysitting my granddaughter, research/studying, homework, and band concerts/practice for one daughter, and transportation for the other. I kept a calendar updated with everything - one for school life and one for home life. Organization and dedication were the keys to my success.” Sharron laughed, “I also relied on my daughters to keep their chores done, with some friendly reminders.”

Sharron expressed her excitement to get back in the workforce after graduation, hoping to secure a position with a solid company where there are advancement opportunities. “Once I find that perfect job, that is where I plan to stay until I decide to retire,” she declared. And she was on track to do just that! Just this month, Sharron was hired as a clerk for the Department of Human Services with promising opportunities on the horizon.

With graduation looming, Sharron reflected on her time with the program. “ASPSF has given me awesome opportunities. The scholarship was a tremendous blessing to me. It was wonderful to have the extra money to pay a few bills and I’ve made new lifelong friends.”

“Mrs. Wendy Stotts and Mrs. Spring Sneed have had faith in me when I couldn’t find the faith in myself. When I reached out for advice or help, they pointed me in the right direction to get me back on track. I have truly been blessed by the ASPSF and the people behind it. It’s been such an amazing experience.”

Sharron’s hard work, passionate pursuit of her goal and kind heart set a wonderful example for her family. She was truly an inspiration to her daughters and so many others who had the joy of knowing her.

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