Bonnie Nickol Volunteer of the Month December

“My parents taught me education is the one thing no one can take from you. I became involved with SPSF when I realized it was also my responsibility to teach that mantra to single parents.”

As a founding member of SPSF Pulaski County, Bonnie Nickol has worked hard to champion the needs of single parents in the community and has remained committed to helping them obtain educational and personal success. In 20+ years with the organization, Bonnie has served as a board member, volunteer, fundraiser, and mentor among other roles.

“Why do I love this organization over 20 years later?” Bonnie reflected. “Single parent scholarship recipients have maintained a graduation rate that exceeds 90%. We know it’s because ASPSF covers its single parents with wraparound services and love. Through the years, students have consistently told us the money they’re given is important, but if there was only a small cash award, they’d work just as hard knowing there are a group of people behind them who believe they’ll succeed.”

In celebration of her service and dedication, ASPSF’s Pulaski County Program created the Bonnie Nickol Volunteer of the Year Award and, fittingly, recognized its namesake as the first recipient. The new award will honor individuals who have gone above and beyond in their service and allow us an opportunity to recognize volunteers, like Bonnie, who make a true difference in the lives of single-parent students.

We are thrilled to honor Bonnie as both the ASPSF Volunteer of the Month and the Pulaski County Volunteer of the Year. She has served as a true cornerstone of the organization. The lives of countless parents, children, and families have been transformed thanks to her service and vision.

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