Rhea Williams celebrates 10 years as ASPSF volunteer

Rhea Williams works, and has worked for 22 years, as a Senior Vice President, Director of Compliance, at First Security Bank in downtown Conway. First Security Bank is a privately held company, founded in 1932, that offers solutions for the financial needs of individuals, businesses, and the public sector. Rhea’s primary responsibility is to ensure the bank is in compliance with federal and state consumer regulations. Rhea lives and works in Conway, Arkansas, in Faulkner County, and volunteers with the Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund for Region 9 which includes Conway, Faulkner, Perry, Pope, and Yell counties. 

Rhea has been an outstanding volunteer with ASPSF since 2012. Rhea donates her time to serve ASPSF by reviewing applications for scholarships from single parents; interviewing single parents for semester scholarships; serving on the Regional Scholarship Committee for Region 9; facilitating and speaking at student development and professional development workshops on Financial Literacy for single parents; fundraising for Faulkner County and Region 9 counties; and participating in Region 9 meetings. 

In Rhea’s own words: 

I am a volunteer for Region 9 under the awesome leadership of Daphne Scott. I have been working with Daphne for five years. 

Having been a single parent in college, I know how challenging it can be to fulfill educational responsibilities, raise a child, and work. I also know that any help, whether it be tangible or intangible, is a boost and an encouragement to continue with that journey and reach the goals that have been set. I applaud and encourage each single parent to persevere. It may get hard, but push through and know that we are here to help where we can. I applaud the Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund for the part that they play in stopping the cycle of poverty for single parents in Arkansas.  


Region 9 is extremely lucky to have Rhea participating with us as a community volunteer for 10 years. She shows up each time an invitation or request is made of her to assist in our activities, and she helps steward and lead the activities and successes we experience each semester and each year throughout Region 9. Rhea was an unstoppable force in the last two years as we all journeyed through these two years living with the uncertainty of COVID in our lives. Rhea continued to show up, be there, and support our single parents through a very challenging time for them and the world. 

Thank you, Rhea, for all that you do for our organization, and for your wonderful leadership and contributions to our scholarship work throughout Region 9! To find out how you can share your time with us, go to aspsf.org/volunteer or email volunteer@aspsf.org.