ASPSF supports single mom’s dream of becoming an airline pilot

Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship's Student of the Month for July is Brandy Manning (left). She has a daughter and is pursing her bachelor's degree in aviation at Henderson State University. 

Brandy Manning loves to fly.  “Being in the air is an incredible feeling,” she said.

With the help of Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund, Brandy is inching closer to achieving her goal of becoming an airline pilot. In addition to tuition and fees at Henderson State University, she must also pay for flight training, which costs about $170 per hour. The single parent scholarship helps her afford these flights, which are required for her aviation degree.

Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund recipient Brandy Manning (left) eyes a Spring 2023 graduation date. 

“Although going to school as a single parent, being away from home so much, and the expense of paying for school and my flight hours is tough, I am rewarded every time I get inside of the plane,” said the Hot Springs resident.

Before pursuing her aviation degree, Brandy was working in the banking industry. She was unmotivated, so she went back to school to study for a profitable career she not only loved but could also do until she retired. She’s showing her 7-year-old daughter, Kendall, how higher education opens doors to a dream job that supports their family.

“Aviation is a field of endless opportunities and growth,” Brandy said. “Since going back to school and being able to fly, I am so much happier, and I love the purpose it gives to my life.”

By returning to school, Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund recipient Brandy Manning (right) is showing her daughter how higher education opens doors to new opportunities.

After she graduates in Spring 2023 with her bachelor’s degree, Brandy plans to work as a certified flight instructor until she flies 1,000 hours. Then, she’ll work for an airline.

“Thanks to Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund, I am able to afford more flights and get one step closer to my dream of becoming an airline pilot,” she said.

About Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund: Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund provides financial assistance and personal support to single parents across the state. Scholarships are awarded to single parents in career-focused postsecondary programs, including both traditional college degrees and technical training certifications. At ASPSF, we walk alongside our students, supporting them through school to graduation and into sustainable employment with family-supporting wages. Single parents in school or interested in enrolling may visit for more information.