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Pulaski County single mom soon to graduate with accounting degree

Tough times don't last, tough people do. That’s what single mom Kimberley Kendrick wants to show her teenage daughter by becoming an accountant. The journey has been long, but Kimberley will soon graduate from Arkansas Baptist College with a bachelor’s degree. Kimberley became a mother the year after she graduated from high school in the mid-2000s. At the time, she was enrolled in college classes but dropped out shortly after her daughter’s arrival. Caring for an infant, wo... Read More
Posted by Jen Para at 4/25/23

ASPSF Graduate ‘never felt like a single mother’

Dear ASPSF Supporters, I would like you to know that you were essential to my son, my success, and my life! I have never felt like a single mother thanks to your support. You are no stranger; you are  my family. You sat at my dinner table, you put presents under our Christmas tree, and,  most importantly, you reached out to me when I decided to go back to school. In our home, I have hung up each scholarship, card,  and letter of encouragement to look at and read during my... Read More
Posted by Jen Para at 3/28/23

Monticello single mom doesn’t quit on nursing degree

Like so many, Camisha Johnson watched the news when the pandemic rolled in three years ago. But unlike many, the single mom from Monticello didn’t despair or panic. Instead, watching the health care field step up motivated her to try again to become a nurse. “The fire in me was reignited. I wanted to help those in need,” she said. “I enrolled back into school with a determination to make it through this time.” Camisha first applied to nursing school in 2015. Her... Read More
Posted by Jen Para at 3/23/23

Returning to school twice, single mom never gave up on her dream of becoming a nurse

Deanna McHenry is counting down the days until her May 13 graduation. “I can’t wait for the moment I walk across that stage and tell my son that this was all for him,” she said. The four-time Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund recipient will graduate as a registered nurse from National Park College – her dream since she was 13 years old.  Once she has her diploma, Deanna plans to work at CHI St. Vincent Hot Springs and continue for her bachelor’s degre... Read More
Posted by Jen Para at 2/24/23

Your generosity gave hope to Valerie during an uncertain time

As if finals aren’t already hard enough, rising prices are making everything harder. Last fall, Valerie was worried how she’d get through the holidays with her three kids. She wasn’t sure she’d be able to buy gifts, let alone necessities.  Then, a simple trip to the mailbox left her in happy tears. She’d received a special “inflation fighter” stipend check made possible by you! With your help, we surprised every fall recipient with this extra ai... Read More
Posted by Jen Para at 2/14/23

Alumna ‘didn’t have to choose’ among school, job, and parenthood because of single parent scholarship

Rachel Childers gushes gratitude for the support she received from Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund. While attending Benton Beauty Academy, the aid covered nearly all her tuition for the yearlong program. This allowed her to spend more time with her 10-year-old son, Gabe, because she didn’t have to work full-time while attending trade school. “As a single parent, having resources is so important,” she said. “The scholarship allowed me to focus on school &mda... Read More
Posted by Jen Para at 1/31/23

Single mom returns to school to give back to Boone County

Ferrin C. (left) receives her Fall 2022 scholarship from Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund Program Manager Kim Paul-Williams. For the past seven years, Ferrin C. has worked in Boone County’s nonprofit field, supporting family development programs to help low-income families find self-reliance. However, she found herself wanting to do more for her clients and her 10-year-old son, Jamon. She realized furthering her education would advance her career and benefit her clients. &ld... Read More
Posted by Jen Para at 12/13/22

ASPSF ‘has inspired me never to doubt myself,’ single dad says

Like many Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund recipients, William Pontius was nervous when he first applied to college. “I questioned myself if I could genuinely handle school while raising my son,” he said. “Regardless of how I felt, I knew I had to try.” And his hard work paid off! William graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Central Arkansas in May with nearly all A’s. He’s now enrol... Read More
Posted by Jen Para at 11/14/22

ASPSF single parents, staff share what Veterans Day means to them

In honor of Veterans Day, Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund recognizes all the military servicemen and women who have sacrificed so much for our country. You have our sincere appreciation and gratitude. We’re especially proud of the many ASPSF scholarship recipients, staff members, board members, volunteers, and their family members who have served or are actively serving. We invited some of them to share their experiences and tell us what Veterans Day means to them.  Read... Read More
at 11/9/22

Single parent scholar helps invent life-changing device for professor’s father

Lisa James (center), stands with her two children, Macy and Brett.   When Lisa James and her team presented a device to help their professor’s father hug again, she had no idea it would be so well-received. The video of a man hugging his grandson for the first time in eight years went viral after Lisa’s Arkansas State University occupational therapy professor shared it on Facebook. Lisa said she and her teammates cried when they saw the video. “To see his reac... Read More
Posted by Jen Para at 10/11/22