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Alumna ‘didn’t have to choose’ among school, job, and parenthood because of single parent scholarship

Rachel Childers gushes gratitude for the support she received from Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund. While attending Benton Beauty Academy, the aid covered nearly all her tuition for the yearlong program. This allowed her to spend more time with her 10-year-old son, Gabe, because she didn’t have to work full-time while attending trade school. “As a single parent, having resources is so important,” she said. “The scholarship allowed me to focus on school &mda... Read More
Posted by Jen Para at 1/31/23

ASPSF Grad Shares Gift of Education in the Classroom

Dalissa Barentine is living out her dream, teaching a classroom full of kindergarten students each day. But her newfound career did not come easy.     Dalissa began her college career several years ago but dropped out after her son, William, was born. However, the financial stress was beginning to mount. “My waitressing job was not going to cut it," she says. "I had to find a way to get back in school!”   So re-enroll she did, this time with a rene... Read More

Single Dad Shows Sons the Power of Education

  To CJ Summerville, a father of 2, the most important aspect of parenting is to set a good example. “I’m really, really conscientious of making the statement ‘Don’t just preach it to teach it,’’ he explains. “If I tell my kids this and that, but they watch me do something different, then my words are hollow.” CJ spent 16 years at a large tech company where he led a successful career, but he couldn’t quite shake his disappointmen... Read More

Your Support Makes Dreams a Reality

It’s June of 2014 and Bria has just finished her freshman year at the University of Central Arkansas with a 4.0 GPA.  The aspiring pediatrician’s college journey is off to a great start.   During her sophomore year, Bria learns she is pregnant and will soon welcome a daughter, Hazel. Hazel’s arrival is a blessing but creates a juggling act for her young mother. Bria finds herself bringing a newborn daughter to study groups. And the commute between home and campus... Read More
at 5/21/19