ASPSF Grad Shares Gift of Education in the Classroom

Dalissa Barentine is living out her dream, teaching a classroom full of kindergarten students each day. But her newfound career did not come easy.     Dalissa began her college career several years ago but dropped out after her son, William, was born. However, the financial stress was beginning to mount. “My waitressing job was not going to cut it," she says. "I had to find a way to get back in school!”   So re-enroll she did, this time with a... Read More
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Preparing for Interviews: Tips for a Successful Interview

Tips for a Successful Job Interview Whether you have been interviewed 20 times or 2 times, the nerves never seem to go away. One of the best things you can do is make sure that you are fully prepared for the interview. This can go a long way in helping to calm your nerves and do your best. Read our guide for tips on how to nail your next job interview. Appropriate Interview Attire Making a great first impression goes a long way in the interview process. This starts with... Read More
Posted by Jen Para at 1/6/21
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7 Ways to Save Money While Earning Your Degree

7 Ways to Save Money While Earning Your Degree College can be expensive enough without all of the extra day-to-day living expenses. While you can’t really get around how much tuition costs, there are things that you can do to save some money. By developing responsible spending habits, you can save money while you are earning your degree. Buy Preowned Textbooks Unless it is specifically required that you get a certain edition of a brand new textbook, buying preowned... Read More
Posted by Jen Para at 1/4/21
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