ASPSF - Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund Enabling single parents to attain self-suffiencey through post-secondary education.

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How to apply:

  1. Pick your home county. On the map of Arkansas below click on the county that you live in. If you live in Bowie County, Texas, click on Miller County, Arkansas.

    Do you live outside of the state of Arkansas or Bowie County, Texas? We only support residents of Arkansas or those living in Bowie County, Texas. Browse our list of other scholarship opportunities for adult students.
  2. Read all eligibility criteria and application requirements before applying.
  3. Complete an application form. Application forms and deadlines vary by county.
    • Only use the application form provided by the Single Parent Scholarship Fund that serves your home county.
    • Follow all application guidelines, instructions, and requirements.
    • Submit the form, along with all required supporting documents before the application deadline.
  4. Questions? Contact the person or organization listed on the page for your home county to get more information.

  5. State of Arkansas

    Click the county you live in on the map below.

    If you live in Bowie County, Texas, click on Miller County, Arkansas.

    Arkansas County Map