Leader Board

Volunteer Recognition

January 2018 - Spring Sneed, Craighead County

Spring Sneed has been a volunteer for the Craighead County Single Parent Scholarship Fund since 2015. She has served as Chair since 2017. Spring’s 17 years’ experience in the financial industry have been a valuable resource. She has been diligent in raising funds for single parent resources in her area. She has written and received grants to operate an after school and summer healthy snack program for children of our single parents, as well as for scholarships! Spring says, “By developing these healthy eating programs for the kids of our single parents, I feel this deepens our relationships with our single parents as well as relieves some of their financial burden.” In addition to administering our scholarship program in Craighead County, Spring has harnessed the leadership of others to help organize an ongoing fundraising events through Sodexo at ASU’s event arena for the past few years. Spring resides with her husband of 18 years in Caraway.

February 2018 - Shauna Turner, Regions 6 & 7

Shauna Turner has been a key volunteer for ASPSF for the past 4 years. She has served in the capacity of Secretary and as Fundraising Committee Chair. Shauna has also been a key fundraiser in Sevier County, increasing the number and amount of donations which are vital for this affiliate. Recently, she began working as a Regional Volunteer in newly formed Regions 6 & 7, contacting students as part of our annual follow-up study. “I wish I had known about this wonderful program when I was in school. Now my mission is to make sure that every single parent utilizes these services.” Turner is a resident of Dierks, Arkansas. She and husband Kyle Turner have three wonderful children. Professionally, she works as a Cosmetologist with a huge following. Shauna’s attitude and wiliness to help work on any task assigned has earned her the nomination of February Volunteer of the month.

March 2018 - Matt Hicks, NWA

Matt Hicks joined the Single Parent Scholarship Fund of NWA board of directors in 2012. He is currently a Vice President and Fayetteville Marketing Leader for First National Bank of NWA. Matt’s professional skills have been valuable in his roles as a member of the finance and scholarship policy committees before serving as treasurer 2013-2014. Matt stepped up as vice-chair for most of 2015 to fill a vacancy. During his term as Board Chairman, he was instrumental in the creation of new financial policies and guidelines and lead the search for a new Executive Director in 2017. When asked why SPSF NWA’s mission is important to him, Matt said, “NWA provides a much-needed boost to some amazing individuals that are working hard to better not only their situation but the lives of their children as well. I helped with applicant interviews for the first time 11 years ago and haven’t left – I guess you could say that the message and impact of SPSF NWA stuck with me!”

April 2018 - Dave Lowe, Perry County

Dave Lowe has been a volunteer for the Perry County Single Parent Scholarship Fund for 5 years and has served as Treasurer for four years. He was instrumental in assisting Perry County Single Parent Scholarship Fund to remain viable and active in the summer of 2017, in addition to increasing the number of scholarship recipients by over 100% in the Fall of 2017 and the Spring of 2018. Before retiring and relocating to Perry County, Dave worked in the banking industry in Louisiana for 15 years, and as an entertainment artist and a juggler in New York City for 12 years. Currently, he operates Dave’s Retreats located at Heifer Ranch (part of Heifer International) in Perryville, Arkansas. Dave has volunteered with Heifer International for 22 years. Through Dave’s Retreats, Dave is able to support Heifer Ranch and benefit local organizations in Perry County. Dave passionately believes in the mission of the Single Parent Scholarship Fund and has been a high level donor to the organization in 2017 and 2018.