Board of Directors

Dedicated leadership

"I have a strong belief that education is the gateway to a better life for parents and children. The strength and courage of single parents who pursue an education is a continual source of inspiration." - Josh Mahony, President

"Studies show that a mother's level of education is a strong predictor of the future success of her children. I believe that when ASPSF helps to educate Arkansas' single parents...we are helping Arkansas' future - our children." - Sylvia Thompson, Board Member

"I am truly inspired by our students: the obstacles they overcome and the impact their education has on their children. The success rate speaks volumes about the quality of the organization and the approach." - Andrea Dobson, Board Member

"I have been an advocate of educational opportunity for marginalized populations for many years. After leaving the education profession, I have sought opportunities like ASPSF to continue this advocacy. Although I was not raised in a single-parent home, I was a first-generation college student from a low-income background. I understand the challenges faced by single parents and also the rewards of degree completion as an avenue to an enriched quality of life." - Tony Thomas, Board Member

"ASPSF inspires me because it is a win-win opportunity for single parents, employers, and our state. The fact that more than 1/3 of children in Arkansas are growing up in poverty and we can be a catalyst to transform their lives is important to me. I would like to assist with strategic change to increase the impact of ASPSF as we provide financial assistance and opportunities for personal and professional development." - Sandra Valley-Bagley, Board Member


President, Joshua Mahony, Owner, EAM Company LLC

President-Elect/Vice President, Dr Jay Barth, EdD, Professor, Hendrix College

Secretary, Bobbie Ficklin, Senior Customer Service Specialist, Entergy

Treasurer, Eric Anderson, Senior Director, Operations Finance, Walmart Stores


Veronica Alexander, Human Resources Manager, Arkansas Department of Labor

Charlotte Bradley, PHR, MSBA, Assistant General Manager, Hope Water & Light

Derwood Brett, Media, retired

John Cooley, Executive Vice President & Chief Finance Officer, Propak Logistics, Inc

Andrea Dobson, Chief Operating & Finance Officer, Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation

Shannon Key, Early Childhood Educator, Self-employed

Spencer Kirkland, Portfolio Administrator, Greenwood Gearhart

Rocky Parsons, Senior Human Resource Coordinator, Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

Tony Thomas, Assistant to County Judge, Craighead County, Arkansas

Sylvia Thompson, Director, El Dorado Promise

Sandra Valley-Bagley, Senior Business Manager - Technology, AT&T