ASPSF - Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund Enabling single parents to attain self-suffiencey through post-secondary education.




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Single Parent Scholarships (SPSF) are given to low-income single parents who are pursuing post-secondary education in preparation for skilled employment. Scholarship Funds are administered by affiliate organizations and volunteers in each county of Arkansas. Eligibility criteria and application requirements vary by county. To apply for a scholarship or to get involved, contact the affiliate SPSF serving the county you live in.


Derinda Smith, SPSF of Lee County

This month we are proud to honor Derinda Smith, a volunteer who understands the true meaning of volunteerism. As the president of the Single Parent Scholarship Fund of Lee County, Derinda promotes the scholarship fund at every opportunity, by speaking at civic events, on the radio station, and in the community where she lives. Why, she’s even been known to stop people in the grocery store to update them on the Scholarship Fund’s upcoming activities and the students’ needs! Education is very important to Derinda and she understands that, if you truly want to succeed in life, you have to take every opportunity life affords you. Derinda believes all citizens should have the opportunity to attend college and she works to make that possible for Lee County single parents. She believes in ASPSF and its mission to improve the lives of single parents and their families through community support, whether it be financial or emotional. When not volunteering with SPSF, she loves to read, volunteer at events for other groups and causes, and travel.









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